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D1 - MATT F 08

Technical information

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ABS plastic, matt finishes, solid fluo colours, solid glossy fluo colours little sphere in the push-button

Other available colors:
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P / D1 - MATT F 08

Technical information

Print areas and tech specs


● retractable with return spring

● made of non-toxic, highly resistant ABS plastic

● galvanic process used to chrome and gild ABS push-button

● Jumbo refill, blue and black ink

● available in glossy, matt or rubberised finish

● rubberised barrel versions (GOM) are only printable on the clip


you can combine differently coloured parts from the same version (or code number), or elements from different versions

A clip

B barrel

C push-button

Print areas

1 pad printing 50 x 9 mm *

2 pad printing 40 x 9 mm

3 screen printing 40 x 30 mm *

* Not available for the following versions:
- D1 - GOM K
- D1 - GOM CB CR
- D1 - GOM C CR
- D1 - GOM 30 CR
- D1 - GOM CB F CR
- D1 - GOM KF CR
- D1 - GOM 30 F CR


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