We already have everything we need. The best way to innovate is to limit waste and make the best use of what has already been produced. That is why, in 2020, we decided to pay less importance to quantity and focus on the quality, durability and sustainability of our products. To write a better future for our planet with you.
No news issue
A hymn to change, inspired by our mission: to protect the environment and leave a positive, timeless message.
Recycling issue
An inspiring journey towards more sustainable and environmentally-friendly production.
Visual journey issue
Our way of seeing the world. Our way of saying we care about Nature. And ourselves.
What do we do if we don't like the tomorrow that awaits us? Invent a better one. We have asked children, researchers and creatives to take pen and paper and tell us how they imagine their future. The result is a journey through dreams, intentions and aspirations, told in a collection of postcards.
Discover our line of recycled and recyclable plastic pens, designed to take care of the environment and send a lasting message.
Enter our sustainable world

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