We are facing a blank piece of paper
That is why we want to live the present proactively, with the intention of leaving a message of optimism that lasts over time. This is because we are firmly convinced that the future is yet to be written.
Write the future
with us
Let's write the future together
The future is full of opportunities, of new worlds to explore, and we want to live it with you through the values that we represent and believe in.
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We have brought together a team of illustrators ready to exchange ideas and put their skills and talents into play, to illustrate, with the Maxema pens, the future we wish to build together.








1/6 Faithful Durability and selection of materials We choose our raw materials with care. The quality of our non-toxic and durable plastic and the attention we pay to detail ensure that our pens are long lasting and enhance every communication. Wherever you are in the world, whatever the occasion, day after day they spread the most precious message: the image of your brand.
2/6 Unique Customisation Models, finishes, colours: an infinity of possible combinations. Each brand, or message, evokes sensations that speak of the world it belongs to: for each of them there is a Maxema pen that reflects their style. Our pens are made to measure, as if they’ve come out of the dressmaker’s!
3/6 Think Design Not everybody knows that crafting a pen with close attention paid to every detail may take as much as a year’s work. Only a memorable design resulting from a constant pursuit of timeless forms and lines makes the pen worthy of representing a unique corporate image.
4/6 Us Made in Italy Our company was born in the province of Turin, and this is where we still design and manufacture our pens. We manage and control the entire production chain in Italy: from design to prototype development, from production to customisation to distribution, and we rely as much as possible on Italian suppliers.
5/6 Responsibility Responsibility Even choosing a pen can help spread a culture that respects the dignity of workers. Our pens are not the result of exploiting child labour or working conditions that fail to respect the fundamental rights of workers. When you choose Maxema, you are being responsible.
6/6 Ecology Sustainability Our aim is to write a future that respects the environment, which is why we have developed a line of plastic pens 100% recycled from post-consumer products, certified and compliant with RoHS and REACH regulations.
Illustrated by Eleonora Antonioni with our Icon Pure in recycled plastic

Write the future with Maxema pens.

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