Take it safe, take it easy.
Make your life even safer with Maxema Antibacterial: due to a special
ISO 22196:2011 certified antimicrobial additive, the plastic releases silver
ions that prevents bacteria from settling on the surfaces of the pen and
moving from one hand to the other.
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Maxema Antibacterial:
take care of yourself even when you write.

We need to feel protected every day and today even more so. Maxema Antibacterial is our new collection of antibacterial pens, able to combine design with safety.

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La plastica è antibatterica

The pen plastic is

A special ISO 22196:2011 certified antimicrobial additive releases silver ions and prevents bacteria from settling on the surfaces of the pen.

Batteri: fino al 99,99% in meno

Bacteria: up to 99,99%

Laboratory tests have shown that up to 99,99% of the bacteria on the pen are destroyed.

Abbiamo a cuore la tua salute

We care about
your health

Some bacteria can cause disease and infections: make your life still safer, even when you write.

Just pens, no bacteria.

In the office, at the bar, in public places: has it ever crossed your mind how many microbes pass from hand to hand through the most everyday actions? Our antibacterial pens, combined with good hygiene habits, guarantee an additional level of protection.

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