The full range of our sample cases


Monochromatic presentation of the Antibacterial collection: white has always been a symbol of safety and protection.

Minikit 5 pens

Eco-friendly minikits

For our recycled plastic pen samples, we have chosen FCS-certified sustainable packaging, consisting of cellulose, certified recycled fibres and cotton fibres.

Minikit 6 pens
Minikit 8 pens

Contains 6 different models in recycled plastic.


Contains 8 pens in recycled plastic, in all available colours.

Mood Metal

3 different finishes and clips in 23 colours: discover the new Mood Metal in all its combinations. Choose between a single box or the 3-pen minikit.

Minikit 3 pens

Contains 3 pens in all available finishes.

Kit and boxes

We supply a wide range of supports to provide a complete sales experience, to discover and experience our products first hand.

Minikit 5 pens
Kit 20 pens
Box set 40 pens
Box set 60 pens

Our sales supports

We offer four types of binder in different sizes to meet every sales need, providing a large sample of models, finishes and colors of our pens.

One life is too short

Recycled plastic pens

Design embraces sustainability

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