The full range of our sample cases

Kit and boxes

We supply a wide range of supports to provide a complete sales experience, to discover and experience our products first hand.

Minikit 5 pens
Kit 20 pens
Box set 40 pens
Box set 60 pens
Box 140 pens

Our sales supports

We offer four types of binder in different sizes to meet every sales need, providing a large sample of models, finishes and colors of our pens.

Maxema Playlist

Maxema Playlist is composed of 2 Boxes, each one containing 14 Minikits.
Each Minikit includes 5 pens printed in different models in the colour indicated on the cover.
Follow the rhythm and choose your colour among the 28 of our Playlist.

Maxema Playlist

Play the color you want

choose your color among the 28 ones available

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